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Dear comrades of the Communist Youth of the Czech Republic

We were deeply shocked about the recent ban of your Youth Organization. We live in a country in which the organization of the socialist youth (Freie Deutsche Jugend, FDJ) and the Communist Party (KPD) have also been banned. We have been experiencing the disastrous effect of such a ban on all democratic rights and achievements of the whole people. The ban of a Communist Organization is suitable for putting any political movement under general suspicion. It creates a political climate of uncertainty, denunciation and the fear that not only strikes pursued communists but also any progressive and democratic minded people.

Since the splitting of Czechoslovakia and the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe and the growing strength of the German imperialism after the annexation of the German Democratic Republic we are more and more observing a real threat to the Czech republic from German politicians combined with the unions of revanchists corresponding to the linking sources of income.

It is convulsive that German politicians have recently urged the Czech government now to sentence members of the resistance movement who were fighting against the former fascist occupation . Those elites just want to weaken the Czech sovereignty as much as they want to legitimate fascist crimes in the former Czechoslovakia.

We are deeply convinced that the ban of the Communist Youth and the actual abolition of the right of coalition for revolutionary and consequent democratic young people is only strengthening those political powers. So the democratic, communist and progressive people in the Czech Republic are being severely weakened. Plus the Czech Republic as a nation is being destabilized und being driven into deeper dependence of imperialsm, to call the German one in the first place!

Our society itself is a victim of the 50 year existing anticommunist agitation, a victim of the pursuit against democratic, socialist and communist members of the resistance movement against fascism. Actually the Communist Party and the Socialist Youth Union are still forbidden.

Also progressive Germans are aware of the revision of socialist achievements on the territory of the GDR. To live in a country whose political and economic elites are so fiercely working with the destabilizing and weakening of the Czech Republic, gives us a specific responsibility.

We assure You, dear comrades, our unlimited solidarity. We demand the immediate removal of the ban, the legalisation of The Czech Communist Youth and the stop of any anticommunist persecution.

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